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My work begins with a thought, a word, a dream, or a photo. From these beginnings, with colors, fabric and design I find it a challenge to create a new approach to something as old as quilting.

I am interested in innovative design and color, but still want the end result to be more pleasing to the eye than shocking to the soul; somewhere between the faded gems of the past and the vivid harshness of the present. If my work looks traditional to some and contemporary to others, I have achieved the blending of old and new which is my goal.

I no longer enter competitions. Although much appreciated, the awards are not necessary to keep me going. I'd make quilts anyway - win or lose. Quilts are less a business and more a creative need. I make quilts because it's my means of self expression. There are no hidden motives. I need no other reason. It's what I do!

Although I understand the reasons for the requests, I am so often asked to explain why and how I arrived at the final project I feel it necessary to express this personal opinion.

The clicks of a creative mind cannot and should not be over-analyzed by anyone, least of all the artist. Inspiration may come from anything or seem to appear from nothing. It may be a result of study and training or a gut level instinct. To pick each line and color for a reason for its birth destroys the illusion that is beauty and art.

- Jane Blair